a bullied mute Nameless Somebody

Stop Bullying Now!

‘Nameless Somebody’ stayed silent. We never asked why.

Like ‘the boy with the purple socks’ from ‘Harriet the Spy’, we saw him and recognized him, but we never truly acknowledged him. Continue reading


Manifesto For Change

Established as a sovereign state meant to defend the rights of a Muslim minority in the Indian Subcontinent, and to provide a setting for the experimental implementation of Sharia' Law in a modern state of the rapidly changing world, Pakistan came into being on the 14th of August, 1947. Its constitution, agreed upon in 1965 after several amendments to the initial draft, was a document that ensured social justice, financial equilibrium, freedom of speech and faith, the equal rights of men, women and children and the availability of all necessities of life. Continue reading