I Support #AzadiMarchPTI

All skeptical, sarcastic and cynical Pakistanis are asked, nah, begged, to keep their ignorant yet humorous views to themselves. Your arguments against the #AzadiMarch are as full of shit as your understanding of what our country needs right now.

You accuse us of derailing democracy? Huh, what a joke! We are denying it’s fucking existence. There is no democracy, you fools. Rigged elections and stolen mandate is not democracy. Corrupt rulers and declining economy isn’t democracy either. Sold-out media and bought-off Election Commission doesn’t equate to ‘the peoples government’. There’s a pattern forming, don’t you see?

You accuse us of threatening the stability of state? First of all, the wording of that question can not be correct considering our state is the very definition of instability. Let me explain: Step 1.Take A Loan on Huge Interest. Step 2. Pay it back using a majority of the Tax-Payer’s money. Step 3. Spend the rest of the budget on the Army. What remains is looted and plundered by corrupt politicians and bureaucrats. Step 4. Since no money is left to be keep the State machinery running, take an even bigger Loan at whatever interest rate they offer (because you don’t have a damn choice!). Step 5. Keep repeating this cycle till half your population dies of malnutrition. In the background, inflation rises and money devalues.

So what stability are you talking about, my dear sir? Secondly, you should watch the news more often. This protest didn’t materialize out of nothing. There was a proper, legal build-up. We went to the court, and to the Parliament, and to the media, to be conveniently ignored and over-looked. No one heard us while we kept up our cries for one-and-a-half year. Eventually, left stranded with no one to turn to, we decided to take matters into our own hands. This Long March is your fault, for all I know. If you deny me justice, I deny you what you care for most. There’s a mathematical rule that’ll explain profoundly my meaning: Negative (Multiplied by) Negative (Equals) Positive.

If someone says we have lost their vote, we didn’t need it in the first place. If someone says the turmoil caused can grow to extremes, blame the GOVERNMENT. If someone says ‘Look at poor Nawaz Sharif, he’s about to cry.’ Or ‘Just let it go.’ Or ‘This is about IK’s ambition for the prime ministerial seat.’ Or ‘The crowds too small’ Or ‘Jew Propagator’ Or ‘Father to an Illegitimate Daughter’, you are all stupid little fucks who deserve to rot in this flawed system.

The success of all revolutions can be attributed to their ideal leaders. Nelson Mandela, Khomeini and Mustafa Kamal Attaturk are all examples of people that challenged the Status Quo through popular support, whether there ideologies were religious or secular, against Apartheid or Pro-Sovereignty. Imran Khan is your only chance. Wake up before you die in a terrorist attack while your mother is bargaining over the preposterous Vegetables prices and your father is struggling to get his pension check cashed. WAKE UP and Support IMRAN KHaN!


5 thoughts on “I Support #AzadiMarchPTI

      • Strangely enough, Modi. I’m guessing you aren’t a Modi fan, and I too, was very skeptical about his ability to lead the country given the Gujarat riots etc, but I think he’s proving himself far beyond expectations. His plans seem good, his track record in Gujarat is excellent, and now he seems to be making good on his word. What say you?


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