Surfaces and Depths

The surface is shallow. It lakes depth. It buries secrets and hides the dead bodies. It doesn’t tell tales. It lacks dimensions. It despises complexity and chooses to be described as either black or white. It hates to be dug up and creates a mess all around if you try to do so. It hates to share and mostly just keeps quiet.

The depth is different, though. It is deep and it is strange. It can drown and it can throw out it’s containment in aggression. It hides nothing, for it is incapable of it. The ways of viewing it can be altered as per requirement. It can not lie, for it allows penetration and judgement and search.

To be inspired, if it is the surface you look at, you’ll see what everybody else sees. And you’d understand as simply as all others that look similarly.

If you look at the depth, the conclusions will differ, if any are arrived at at all. The viewing angle will alter and you’ll go deeper into confusion. This trick is to look hard and long, and eventually you’ll realize the truth that hides underneath.

Lazy and passionate are same words for different people. They describe the same quality but in their opposite states. All people wonder, just that the lazy ones hover over the surface and the passionate ones jump into the depth despite realizing the risks involved. Both come to a new-found understanding, one is unilateral and defy’s all others, the other is disputed and welcomes debate. One is held in majority and the other exists in it’s altered states all around.

One needs observance, other requires skill. One accepts answers readily, the other likes to question. One keeps you in bliss, the other reeks of reality. One is definitive, the other is presumptuous but logical. One lacks bravery, the other boasts recklessness. One is convenient, the other less so. One tames, the other liberates. One cripples, the other creates. One lives, the other truly lives.

The choice is made simple by two things, ambition doesn’t let you settle and imagination doesn’t allow you peace.

I must warn you, in case you are ready to embark upon, that the length of your quest will be undefined. It may be moments and it may be unending. It may start early and suddenly. The course may not be defined and the destination may not be definite, but you’ll know it when you arrive at it.

You also must understand: arrival is non-essential, only the journey is what counts. It lets you grow, like an eagle at length that draws closer. It takes you to unknown places but you are never lost. It shows you peaks and but never let’s you lose perspective. It curbs your sorrow but never let’s you grow ignorant. It makes you rich but takes you further from material. It makes you young but takes you further from desiring.

I will not tell you which path to pick. That is one decision you have to make for yourself. But I will say this much:

Buy the ticket. Enjoy the ride.


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