So long, It Rained.

That sluggish rain had continued for days. As if the clouds were too dog-tired, sprinkling down little water drops halfheartedly and taking short naps in between. The streets had been run down with dirt, with overflowing drains that had thrown out the filth it contained onto the non-metallic roads and the smell of shit that had blended into the hot June air like salt into vinegar.

Large rocks were placed at a one-step distance in between the stinking, slimy mess and struggling people jumped from one to the other and advanced towards their individual concerns.

The car-owning public, that was more often than not arrogant and unfeeling, tried their best to spray the non-car-owning public with the beastly chaos that lay motionless all around.

The umbrella-owning public, which was rather small in number due to the uneconomic nature of trading in umbrellas, showed-off this rare commodity in a very non-elegant manner. What made owning umbrellas un-economic was the philosophy that

It’s better to do without that which can be done without.

And, certainly, nobody had ever succumbed to the ‘lack-ness of umbrellas‘, had they?

Most of the town had gone into hibernation, it seemed. People never came out, not unless it was a matter of life and death, or somebody’s cigarette packet hadn’t lasted as long as they thought it would. Most shops and businesses remained closed and circulation of all money had almost entirely ceased.

TV ratings for the worst shows had been just as high as they were for the quality ones. A few gossips had been circulating over the alleged frustration in people and the unusually high rates of fights over the TV remote but since no one had made the effort to walk to the police station in the presiding conditions, the rumors couldn’t be confirmed.


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